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What is Geppetto about?

Geppetto is a virtual world in which students can practice English as a second language.The platform invites students to have fun among adventures and lessons while developing English skills as reading, writing, speaking and listening.

Join us on this adventure and take your students to a new world full of fun experiences.







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Gamification is a great solution to catch students’ attention. Take them to Geppetto’s world, expand their practice time, keep them engaged with immersive activities and power their english skills with some fun.

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Try the power of adaptive learning

Artificial Intelligence changes the game! Geppetto uses AI to create a totally adaptive experience. The platform identifies students needs through their progress and designs a personalized program for them. Teach and learn never been so great!

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Geppetto is a flexible platform! Teachers are free to plan the content available and match it to students’ needs or to the content used in class. Make learning journey great and efficient with Geppetto.

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Track students’ progress

Geppetto’s dashboard allows you to monitor the performance of students and classes in real time. Discover instantly how many time they spent on Geppetto and their main weaknesses and strengths on learning journey to create a better experience.

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What is Geppetto about?

Games and activities

Students can find a collection of activities to develop English skills.


Geppetto reports offer precise analysis by students, classes, teachers and units.

Support and Operation

You can count on technical support, help desk and permanent improvement to make Geppetto a great experience.

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Geppetto: learn whenever and wherever you want!

Geppetto’s Curriculum

1Cub (Pre-A1)

They are just starting to discover words and expressions in English.

Cub students can:

  • Recognise familiar words and phrases
  • Read the words on a poster or picture about weather
  • Say what my name is, how old they are and where they live
  • Fill in very simple forms with basic personal details, such as name, address.

2Rookie (A1)

They can communicate using common, everyday expressions.

Rookie students can:

  • Understand when someone speaks about animals in simple, short sentences
  • Understand simple sentences if they read them slowly and several times
  • Ask and answer questions about a person, family, and interests
  • Write short congratulation messages to my friend, parents, teachers.

2Adventurer (A2)

They can have simple conversations with english speakers on familiar, everyday topics.

Adventurer students can:

  • Determine the main points in short, simple stories and fairy tales;
  • Read and understand a personal letter from my family or friends
  • Take part in a simple conversation and express their opinions
  • Write how they are feeling or what they are doing, using simple expressions.


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