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Geppetto is an educational platform that offers a playful, fun and efficient digital environment for learning and practicing languages.

Update your institution with an adaptive and gamified solution. Personalize the entire curriculum and the visual identity of the platform. Manage and monitor students' development in real time.


Engage students in the learning process.
Why Adopt?

Main Features


Use of the characteristics of digital games to engage students in the teaching-learning process of the new language.


Application of Artificial Intelligence to mediate learning according to the specific needs of each student.


Developed in multiplatform technology for access anytime, anywhere (smartphone, tablet, and laptop).


Full platform customization for a unique methodology, content and visual identity for each partner institution.


Allows monitoring of students' use and pedagogical performance through monitoring dashboard.

Live Operations

A dedicated support team for continuous platform improvement, for each partner.

How we can help you?

The Geppetto is an online, gamified and adaptive platform designed to deliver a fun and efficient language practice environment, accessible anytime, anywhere. It offers a learning environment connected with the digital culture consumed by new generations.

  • Access a virtual world filled with games, fun activities and multimedia content to learn a new language in a fun way.
  • Platform access anytime, anywhere (laptop, tablet, or smartphone).
  • Develop and reinforce students' core language fluency skills: Listening, Speaking, Reading and Writing.
  • The platform identifies your level of proficiency to promote teaching interactions and mediate learning according to your specific needs.
  • Support for learning the four fundamental skills for fluency in the language: Listening, Speaking, Reading and Writing.
  • Analyze students' individual progress quickly and easily.
  • Receive automatic reports in your email with information about student performance in the activities performed on the platform.
  • Fully customize the platform to fit your content, methodology and visual identity.
  • Provide students with an innovative, engaging and efficient learning platform.
  • Use the platform as a practice environment to expand student study time beyond the classroom.
  • Use usage and pedagogical reports to identify real-time failures and improvement points in the teaching-learning process.
  • Review usage and progress reports to track student, class, teacher, and schools performance quickly and easily.




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